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health and wellness fitness personal training services wellness programs fitness and nutrition certified personal trainer travis cedar park round rock texas

"The Laughing Thing?

By Migdoel "DIO" Miranda, B.S., CMT
Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiologist - C.H.E.K. Level III
Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor
Hair Tissue Mineral Analyst
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This month we will be practicing laughing, to forget the serious, and how to be a kid again. Welcome to “kid fitness”! After watching Norm McDonald (the guy from Saturday Night Live) doing stand-up comedy here in Austin, I realized the importance of forgetting it all and getting into the laugh.

Grabbing a funny movie, calling a fun friend, and exercising with the people who you love will contribute to inner happiness. Laughing is one of the most powerful sources of healing. There are numerous pieces of research on the benefits of smiling and laughing. Did you know that those muscles that help you lift your cheeks and open the mouth are connected with the brain and send a direct message of happiness when they smile? I encourage you to challenge yourself and put this information to the test and practice smiling. Do it now! Maybe this is what your child has been waiting for since you conceived him/her!

Instead of smiling, many times we focus too much on educating and criticizing (which can lead to allergies in infants that are carried into adulthood). The fear of criticism also has other outcomes that are not welcome by the body and create “dis-ease”. "Getting on" someone about doing the “right” things most of the time causes a person to constantly acknowledge something wrong with themselves? Let me remind you to enjoy the moments of joy and peace. Maybe this, too, is what your children are waiting for. Mommies and poppies, let’s take a break from the “don’t do that”, “don’t do this”, “you are going to fall”, and “you are going to get hurt”. Instead, encourage and try to mold a life full of spirit by smiling at your children for a while. By the way, I have not met anyone in my lifetime that hasn’t fallen despite warnings not to! Children may look at us, then, not as the boss, but as the leader of their lives.

As you know, I keep insisting on the principles necessary to reach maximum health and vitality. Well, once again this month, it is simple: smile and laugh!

Making fun of people and mocking them is not the type of laughter that is helpful. Instead, connect with yourself and enjoy life once more. Maybe this will earn you a new job, or open up a position where you will earn more to supply your family. Who wants to be around “Debbie Downer” or “Paul Downer”?

Thoughts of smiling and laughing lead me to mention the importance of forgiveness in our lives. This great tool of forgiveness has been used for years by gurus, many of whom are familiar to you. If you take time to study these gurus, you will see that they aren’t sad, rather they are full of joy and lead by example—living their words. A plan of forgiveness is not for your neighbor, your mother-in-law, brother-in-law or anyone else, but rather it is for you. It is for your benefit. Forgive and eliminate heart attacks, bad posture, pain, and other diseases that are created by our judgment and our endless corrective comments toward others.

Try this month to respect others’ points of view, talk when it is time, and accept people for who they are. Don’t try to convince them to think like you. After all, the same program does not work for everyone. We are not one to judge, so don’t worry about that department. You are the son/daughter of perfection. Laugh, smile and repeat to yourself that everything is a dream and that you will be OK!

From many years in the fitness industry, I have learned to look at fitness and health form a different perspective. It’s not just about lifting weights and screaming at people. Instead, it’s about learning what works for the individual. Maybe it’s laughing that is missing from your exercise program!

My intentions are that YOU become an expert on yourself!


Migdoel Dio Miranda
Metabolic Typing Advisor



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expert opinions personal training services health and wellness fitness wellness programs fitness and nutrition certified personal trainer travis cedar park round rock texas