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Dio MIranda - fitness health and wellness personal trainer
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Client Profiles
miami athlete training, hallandale athletic training Individuals Wanting to Improve Themselves
Training for those individuals that are serious about losing weight and/or gaining muscle and getting fit.
miami florida, hallandale florida, sunny isles florida College and Professional Athletes
I have trained and I am training several professional athletes and they will all tell you that my training has truly made a difference in their performance and careers. Looking to increase your strength, improve your agility or extend your endurance? Dio Fitness is here to help!
fitness training, fitness trainer, personal training, athletic trainer Middle or High School Students & Athletes
Fitness can help young athletes improve in sports, build their self-confideance, improve their self-image, increase their alertness and overall make them more healthy.
fitness and nutrition certified personal trainer health and wellness fitness personal training services wellness programs travis cedar park round rock texas
See what our Clients are Saying about Dio Fitness
"As a professional baseball player, being in shape is the most important step in my career. Migdoel made that happen. The program he designed gave me the results that I was looking for."

JC Romero
Philadelphia Phillies 2007

A stable mind, confidence and sheer for the game, combined with talent that's appropriately coached makes a very solid baseball player. Being gifted with talent is a blessing and its up to the individual to make the most of his gift. Dio not only matched my workout but helped me with the mental aspect of coaching the game of baseball at a professional level.

Josue Espada
Florida Marlins


I have worked with three trainers throughout my life. I started exercising with the purpose of gaining mass since I was fifteen years of age. In that time I have trained with three fitness trainers: one in England for a year, one in New York, and with Dio for about two years. When I started my mass gain workout program I weighed 145 pounds and could bench press around 100 pounds three or four times. After a year of training in England I weighted around 160 pounds and could bench press about 185 six times. Then I met Dio and he reinstructed me in how to perform certain exercises. He showed me proper form and other important safety tips that undoubtedly augmented my performance in the gym as well as my physical appearance outside of the gym. From that weight of 160 I beefed up to an impressive 210 pounds and I am currently only five and a half feet tall! When Dio took the above picture, I could bench press 325 pounds four times.

Clearly, Dio has shown me a exercise program that has worked for me and gotten me where I want to be. I am sure that he can do the same for you in no time.

David Russell
November 2005

Dio is an excellent trainer. He is very knowledgeable and gave me good advice regarding nutrition and exercise. He taught me the importance of good form and I learned many new exercises that I still use on my own. Dio was always very professional and he motivated me to push beyond my comfort zone, while making sure that I did not injure myself. His guidance and friendship have helped me achieve these results and my best body to date.

Gary Marcoe

Thanks to the new lifestyle that Dio offered me, I have achieved an excellent physical state and optimal health. The personal training and the guidelines offered by Dio helped me to win my title and they have been an important part of my philosophy for life. I will always appreciate it.

Nylca Muñoz-
Miss Puerto Rico Petitte 1998


"Beside is testimony to what hard work and a strong will can do. After undergoing major surgery and spending months in hospital, Mr. George Hannon was told that he would probably never walk again. Refusing to accept this hand of fate, I was contacted and asked if I'd be willing to take up the challenge to get him up on his feet again.

After only three months of training I am proud to say that Mr. Hannon not only stood but also took his first steps. Now, 6 weeks later, with constant training my client continues to make progress and is walking shortdistances.

Dio Fitness™

My name is Tina York and I am 39 years old. I had been dieting and doing traditional exercises for 2 years.  I hit a plateau and couldn’t lose anymore weight for a whole year.  Then I began working out with Dio once a week and following his entire program.  I got passed my plateau and in 6 months I lost 25 pounds.  Working out with Dio gives you energy instead of robbing energy from you.  You feel strong, lean and fit!     Dio is much more than a personal trainer.  He has been a life coach to me.  He not only got me physically fit, and eating truly healthy, but he also guided me through positive life discoveries.

Timing was perfect when I ventured into the DIOFitness™ website as it gave me the opportunity to later meet and now train with Dio. Not only did I find a trainer who motivates me through workouts that are appropriate for my fitness levels and goals; I met a person who genuinely shares in his enthusiasm for a balanced well-being and has a fun attitude. Since starting my training regimen, my physical effectiveness has greatly improved and my energy levels increased, my percentage of body fat descended from 28.2% to 25.3% in 2 1/2 months. In addition to our workout drills, Dio has taught me the proper implementation of machines and free-weights that I can do outside our sessions, including the correct way to breath during exercises. I thoroughly enjoy my training sessions and can always look forward to an invigorating workout. Thank you, Dio, for taking on my challenge to get "this little old lady" into shape.

Patty Crucet
Administrative Assistant
Seminole Tribe of Florida

"I have been training with Dio for three months and a lot has changed within this time. My initial body fat percentage was 31% and now it is 25%. After three months of hard training, stretching and education, I have lost 17.5 lbs of fat. I also feel the difference in my abdominal muscles, feeling them stronger and enjoying more core stability."

William Bramble

"Migdoel Miranda (Dio) was my trainer. Just joining the gym and wanting to learn how to use weights and cardio the right way to best benefit me…and I decided to get a Personal Trainer. Dio is someone that loves what he does, and it shows. He is very professional, knowledgeable and pushes me each work out. He encouraged me when I was feeling down, sore, or not enough weight loss. I had 14 sessions with Dio and I lost 6 pounds and 4% body fat. "
Sincerely, …

Faith Marcoe

Dio Miranda is authentic, caring and skilled. Working with him will unlock new levels of vital energy while you learn  to have fun in your body again. It's a great adventure

Glenn Brooks
President Vibrant Living Radio Network

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expert opinions personal training services health and wellness fitness wellness programs fitness and nutrition certified personal trainer travis cedar park round rock texas