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Strength and Wellness Coach
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A former pro athlete who has been training and coaching speakers, amateur and professional athletes, celebrities and ordinary people since 2000, Dio Miranda teaches how to use simple, daily strategies to live a life of exceptional health and vitality. 

A native of Carolina, Puerto Rico, Dio was recruited by University of Memphis Lambuth in Jackson, Tennessee to play college baseball, then went on to play professional baseball in the Independent League and Winter League in Puerto Rico so he was quite familiar with the training necessary for athletes at a high level. While in college, Dio had the great experience of teaching disabled students as part of his degree program. He graduated college in his second language with B.S.degrees in both Physical Education and Special Education. Dio found his ultimate dream somewhere between

Now Available

Written by world-class trainer and former
professional athlete Dio Miranda to teach the role of the power of mindset as the inner edge of peak performance.  
His book introduces seven core concepts essential to good health and well-being via anecdotes, how-to tips, and stories of his own personal experiences.  Dio's style is no-nonsense
with heart, and is ideal for anyone desiring to achieve a deeper interior understanding to boost themselves to a higher level of health and fitness.

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Customized training based on your particular needs. If your goal is to become stronger, play your sport at maximum, be a healthy mom or dad or just play without pain, Dio...
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